"Love It, Locket, Leave It" curated by Diana Corvelle for Island Weiss Gallery

"Translate emotion into object.  Broadcast the personal.  Distill love and loss.  Much and more is asked of artists, and they deliver in spades.  Their innermost workings are made flesh through their hands, presented as an extension of themselves, and the viewer is transported.  For this exhibition, emerging and established artists step outside of their regular studio practice to investigate the space where large emotional content meets a small container – the locket.

Love It, Locket, Leave It pays homage to the centuries-old custom of devotional and mourning jewelry by inviting contemporary artists to condense their most overwhelming experiences – those of love and loss – into poignant mementos of adoration or lament.  By sealing the relics of personal relationships and powerful emotions into a locket, this exhibition gives artists a rare opportunity for both creative expression and release – a chance to love it, locket and leave it."

Participating artists: Steven Assael, Melissa Basham, Julie Elizabeth Brady, Heidi Brant, Dina Brodsky, Diana Corvelle, Mark Dassoulas, Cara DeAngelis, Michelle Doll, Peter Drake, Heidi Elbers, Steve Forster, Stephen Hannock, Katie Hemmer, John Jacobsmeyer & Katrina Balling, Zoe Sua Kay, James Linkous, Benjamin Martins, Elizabeth Misitano, Alyssa Monks, Tun Myaing, Guno Park, Lauren Amalia Redding, Nicolas V. Sanchez, Jesse Stern, Maud Taber-Thomas, Maria Teicher, Greg Tomezsko and Patricia Watwood

Open House: Saturday, December 13th 2014 from 12-5pm at Island Weiss Gallery in New York